My Websites

Our sites are developed in Square Space or Shopify - easily make your own edits, incorporate social media, add photos, videos or blog.
They have SSL (security), are search engine optimized (SEO), show website traffic and are fully responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets.
E-commerce is also available on our sites.


tablemanners - a danish custom plank table designer

This site is built in both Danish and English, I built the English version. Table Manners is co-owned by Oluf Lund, who also owns Naarup Savvaerk (The Old Sawmill).
I built the original Naarup Savvaerk site and an updated site is coming soon!


furniture facelift by kobi

Built in Shopify, our client wanted to market her classes and materials online. She can now easily manage the inventory, track sales and have customers register for their events.


the creative bullpen

A strategic planner, Duncan Morrison had me build his website to showcase his business - The Creative Bullpen. We have also collaborated on a number of projects over the years.


limoges seed farms

Built for a customer in the Peace River region of Alberta, this site gives in depth information about the products he sells.


tomtene seed farm

I built this site in Square Space with many John Deere pictures provided by my client. And wouldn’t you know it, because of this website, they won a free trip from John Deere!


other websites built by us

Here’s a sampling of previous websites I’ve built. Some are still active.